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Conflicting newspaper reports
Discussion of various conflicting reports found in the contemporary press coverage of Kelly's murder.
Phil Hill26 12-01-04  10:02 am
Who Was Mary Kelly?
Unlike the other canonical victims, no one has yet been able to definitively find Mary Jane Kelly in the contemporary census records and birth registers.
Jane Richards196 10-10-05  2:42 pm
Tin Bath in Kelly's Room?
A large object can be seen under the foot of Kelly's bed in one of the two surviving crime scene photographs. The general consensus is that this object is a tin bath.
Shelley Wiltshire37 8-15-04  9:20 am
Other Photographs of Mary Kelly?
Two photographs exist of the Kelly crime scene; the second one only being rediscovered in 1988. Might other photographs exist?
Suzi Hanney112 9-15-05  1:11 pm
The Second Kelly Photograph
Anonymously retuned to Scotland Yard in 1988, this mysterious second photograph of Mary Jane Kelly has raised many new questions about her murder.
Joe Dawson547 19 1-07-06  10:45 pm
Kelly Photograph - High Resolution
A high-resolution copy of the traditional Kelly crime scene photograph can be found here.
Robert Charles Linfo55 10-16-05  5:33 am
Lizzie Fisher
Soon after her murder, Mary Jane Kelly was referred to as 'Lizzie Fisher' by several newspaper sources.
chapmandidit21 1-12-05  4:51 pm
The answer lies with kellyS.R26 1-08-06  11:33 pm
Millers Court in 1891Suzi Hanney19 12-28-03  4:31 pm
Pregnancy of Mary Jane KellyCrystal Heilaman118 5-17-05  7:47 pm
The (in)Famous Window Photograph.David O'Flaherty82 2-26-05  9:01 pm
Clean white apronTricia Barrett5-19-03  12:40 pm
The Fisherman's WidowSarah37 9-26-03  9:15 am
Mary Kelly or not Mary Kelly?Steve Swift498 20 9-12-05  11:25 am
The DAVIES colliery disasterGlenn Ross38 10-09-05  9:54 pm
Mary Kelly and Ripper assumptionsHarry Mann183 2-13-05  3:50 am
Dead when mutilated?Gareth W78 8-31-05  1:36 pm
Kelly's marriage - 1879Debra Arif37 11-07-03  9:42 am
The Fire in Mary's RoomNicholas Smith241 6-14-05  2:43 pm
Kelly's graveBeth Lawton56 10-26-05  6:30 am
O'Kelly?Debra Arif11-05-03  6:15 pm
Re-positioning of the bodyJason Scott Mullins17 11-17-03  9:53 am
Kellys in LimerickChris Scott10-10-03  12:13 pm
Colorized PhotographJames D. Smith55 6-08-04  1:22 am
Pipes and stuffSarah Long11-19-03  6:08 am
On Mother Kelly's DoorstepSarah Long3-19-04  9:43 am
Mary Jane DaviesSuzi Hanney12-27-03  7:43 pm
Mary's familyJohn Casey25 2-07-05  5:55 am
What if....Tuffty10 11-15-05  3:36 pm
Sweet VioletsMary Tomczak66 11-01-04  5:13 pm
"FM"?Luke Whitley78 4-30-05  6:59 am
Mary and Joseph FlemmingChris Scott5-26-04  4:50 pm
MorganstoneDan Norder30 4-15-05  3:21 pm
Dead Kings and WhoresMike Park52 2-05-04  9:31 am
Mary's GuestSuzi Hanney91 1-27-04  6:00 pm
Mary Jane Kelly's brotherGareth W18 6-03-05  11:23 am
A modern case similar to that of Mary'stwistedtower3-22-05  9:12 am
Read to me joe.Robert Charles Linfo61 8-08-04  2:40 pm
Reconstructing Mary 's Face?John Nickolaus60 4-22-05  3:41 pm
The mystery of the keyLeanne Perry92 1-03-06  4:54 am
Dorset StreetGeorge Hutchinson43 8-31-05  9:31 pm
Mary Kelly's facejvtr138 12-01-05  3:05 am
The mystery of mary kellyJoan Taylor117 3-10-05  10:31 am
Is this the last known photograph of Millers court?Monty66 1-05-05  12:55 pm
"Oh Murder!!"Robert Charles Linfo183 1-10-06  4:47 am
The Kellys of Bedwellty, MonmouthChris Scott2-27-04  9:13 am
A question why was kelly `mauled` so badlyCatherine Ann56 8-30-05  6:24 pm
Stomach ContentsDiana 16 9-27-05  2:09 pm
Kelly and Mrs CarthyDavid Henry Smith23 4-11-05  2:43 pm
Layout of Kelly's roomDan Norder10 4-26-04  6:38 pm
Photo QuestionJohn Casey11 2-10-05  3:32 am
Inquest JurySuzi Hanney4-06-04  4:47 pm
Why is Mary the most talked about JTR victim? David Cartwright63 6-24-05  6:44 am
Kelly's visit to Mrs Carthy shortly before her deathSuzi Hanney24 4-19-04  4:57 pm
Dawody familyRichard Darmody8-30-04  1:34 pm
Question Plz HelpChris Scott4-30-04  1:10 pm
Found this drawingJefftheRippersolver11 5-15-04  9:48 am
Joseph Martin - The man who photographed Mary Kelly?Debra J. Arif17 11-19-05  5:54 pm
Mary Kelly – Different from the restSuzi Hanney165 7-31-04  5:09 pm
Body Positionmatt1plus16-19-04  4:03 pm
KELLY'S BED???Kane Friday59 1-11-05  11:45 am
A new perspective??Suzi Hanney35 8-26-04  4:51 pm
Note found after Kelly murderSuzi Hanney11 8-26-04  5:02 pm
Looked at it for ever but WHAT'S THAT?Debra J. Arif155 5-03-05  9:37 am
Kelly peripheralsNina Thomas9-23-04  12:01 am
Book of RemembranceChristopher T George10-04-04  9:16 am
Mary Kelly's Family???Belinda Pearce17 10-06-04  8:22 pm
Kelly or Davies: One and the same?Chris Scott10-17-04  4:10 pm
Mitre Square sightingesm10-27-04  4:52 am
How Did He Get Mary's Heart Out?Diana 11-03-04  12:27 pm
Left or right handed?CB4-19-05  11:56 pm
Mary Ann Kelly - 1881 CensusGareth W19 8-12-05  7:40 pm
Joseph Fleming - A Fenian Connection?Natalie Severn 5-12-05  1:42 pm
How old was Mary Kelly?Ditto1-06-05  7:10 pm
Chemise or Naked?Christopher T George107 11-10-05  8:51 am
Mary a victim of JTR?Joan Taylor46 4-29-05  8:00 am
Letters Received By Mary KellyGreg James5-14-05  10:21 am
Partition in Mary's RoomPhil Hill3-11-05  2:00 am
KELLY'S BED SIGNATURE - OR THE RIPPERS?Dan Norder16 4-17-05  12:47 am
What do the numbers 28:4 mean on Kelly's leg?Graham W53 6-05-05  3:43 am
Mary Kelly's death certificate.Greg James4-30-05  7:01 am
A question about the face.Sandy37 5-31-05  3:29 pm
If Kelly wasn't a Ripper victim - -Stanley D. Reid4-19-05  6:12 pm
Landlord's spare key to 13, Miller's CourtGreg James36 5-14-05  8:07 am
A system of legal medicine Diana 23 12-17-05  4:22 pm
What of ‘Julia’, Kelly’s mystery roommate?Leanne Perry5-10-05  2:03 am
Mary or Mary Jane?Belinda Pearce9-21-05  3:47 am
Looking for "alive" photos...James C. Bernthal5-05-05  2:15 am
Murder and Mutilation of a boy at Bradford. 1888.AP Wolf22 10-20-05  5:29 pm
The Gimger Beer Bottles in Mary"s roomDebra J. Arif74 5-18-05  6:10 pm
Mary Ann Kelly alias "Eva"Cludgy29 5-27-05  7:07 am
Why Were MJK's Mutilations So Extensive?Maurice Dechamps6-07-05  1:08 pm
Bertha ChristophersonPhil Hill6-01-05  2:04 am
Mary Ann Kelly - 1871 CensusCliff Roberts6-16-05  5:41 pm
Defense wounds?Frank van Oploo6-22-05  5:31 pm
Need some help.Jason6-17-05  12:28 pm
A clue left at the crime sceneDiana 60 7-27-05  7:26 am
MJK Autopsie, assistant, Dr Kempster Steve Murray7-08-05  1:41 pm
Reconstructions of Mary from the photographsKane Friday150 8-19-05  2:30 pm
George huthinsonGordon Bennett210 9-07-05  5:22 pm
Kelly's CoronerSuzi Hanney7-29-05  4:59 pm
My MJK face reconstructionGeorge Hutchinson84 8-16-05  9:40 pm
The French Woman from KnightsbridgeGareth W8-18-05  2:07 pm
Mary Kelly's last meal?Jane Coram25 9-12-05  10:51 am
MJK Time of DeathGareth W8-24-05  5:56 pm
Was Mary Really A WidowSarah Long9-12-05  8:22 am
Mary's bedroom....Crime Scene SketchJason McRay9-10-05  7:46 pm
Mary Kelly in Cardiff - her possible family?Gareth W10 9-25-05  5:26 pm
Letters on Kelly's LegGareth W173 10-13-05  11:22 am
The mystery imageEddie Derrico78 11-05-05  11:01 am
How can they be sure it was mary jane kelly?Caroline Anne Morris11-11-05  11:39 am
Mary Kelly in Tottenham?Richard Brian Nunwee12 11-03-05  4:27 pm
Was Mary Killed In Her Sleep?Harry Mann153 12-26-05  3:23 am
My Nightmareshaun devlin15 11-29-05  3:42 pm
The cult of Mary Jane Kelly?shaun.devlin@btopenw36 12-14-05  6:32 pm
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