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The Times (London).
25 August 1887

At the Thames Police Court Mrs. Lipski, the landlady of 16 Batty street, Commercial road, the house in which Lipski murdered Mrs. Angell, again attended and complained about Angell, the husband of the dead woman. On Tuesday night Angell again came to her house, accompanied by a mob, and created a great disturbance. Angell said he would have her life on account of his wife's having been taken in complainant's house. Mr. Lushington issued a warrant. In the evening Isaac Angell was brought up, charged with assaulting Mrs. Lipski. Mrs. Lipski stated that on Saturday last, at 5 p.m., the defendant came to the house in company with his two brothers. The latter knocked her down, and the defendant then kicked her in the stomach and on the legs. His brothers pulled him away, or he would have kicked her to death. Defendant said, "I will not rest till I have killed you." Sophia Woodensdein said she was standing with complainant when defendant and his brothers came up, knocked her down, and kicked her, saying in Jeudisch (sic), "I will do for you as you have done for my wife." Another witness said a large crowd assembled and smashed all the windows. Leah Levy, of 16 Batty street, said that on Saturday defendant came to the house, caught the prosecutrix, threw her to the ground, and then kicked her on the leg. He also kicked witness. Mr. Lushington remanded him for an interpreter.

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