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Times (London)
2 July 1887


Yesterday, Mr,. Wynne E. Baxter resumed his adjourned inquiry at the Vestry Hall, Cable street, respecting the death of Mrs. Miriam Angel, lately living at 16 Batty street, Commercial road. Charles Moore, 96 Backchurch lane, Whitechapel, manager of an oilman's shop, proved the selling of nitric acid to a man whom he thought he could identify with the man Lipski now lying in the London Hospital. Dr. Kay, recalled, said Lipski had taken poison when he examined him. The condition of the deceased caused him to think that an assault had been committed upon her. Mr. Piper, assistant to Dr. Kay, said that at 11.30 a.m. on Tuesday he was called to 16 Batty street. He went to Mrs. Angel's room and saw deceased lying on the bed, dead. There were marks of corrosive acid on the face. Witness locked the room door. The police then gave evidence of the finding of Lipski under the bed. His hat was on the foot of the bed and his coat under the bed. Lipski had in the hospital made the following statement: "At 7 o'clock in the morning a man who had worked for me asked me to give him some work. I told him to wait, that I would buy a vice for him, so that I could give him some work. I went to purchase a vice, but when I got to the shop it was too soon. As I was going along I met another workman whom I knew at the corner of Backchurch lane. I went back to the shopkeeper, who wanted 4s. for the vice, I offered 3s. He said he would not take it. I returned to Batty street and got into the passage. I then saw the man I had seen in Backchurch lane. He said, "Will you give me work or not?" I said, "Come to the workshop. I am going to breakfast; then I will give you work." I told my landlady to make some coffee and sent the man to fetch some brandy. I afterwards went upstairs to the first floor. I there saw both these men and saw them open a box. They took hold of me by the throat, threw me down, opened my mouth and poured some poison into it. They said, "That is the brandy." They got my hands behind me and asked if I had got any money. I said, "I have got no more than the sovereign, which I gave you to get the brandy." They then asked, "Where is your gold chain?" I said, "It is in pawn." They said, "If you do not give it you will be dead as the woman." They put a piece of wood in my mouth. I struggled, and they then put their knees on me against my throat. One of them said to the other, "Don't you think he is quite dead yet?" The reply was, "Yes, he don't want any more." They then threw me under the bed and I lay there as if dead. One of the men I have known by the name of Simon." The jury returned a verdict of "Wilful murder" against Lipski, who was committed for trial.

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