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The Times (London).
19 August 1887


Last night Mr. Hayward, Lipski's solicitor, announced that Mr. M. Buchner, a chemist of 149 Houndsditch, had called upon him in the morning and made the following statement:-

"About the end of June a dark man, rather square built, hair dark brown, a foreign Jew by his face, purchased for twopence two ounces of nitric acid in a bottle labelled 'Bell and Company, camphorated oil.' I noticed the label because the bottle being oily my label would not stick. There was nearly a teaspoonful of oil left in the bottle, which I poured out lest it should spoil the acid. The label was rather high up on the bottle. It was a two ounce phial, rather long shaped. It believe the man said it was for staining wood or sticks. I am not sure I asked him what he wanted it for. I am not sure that I should know the man again. I think he had short whiskers coming a little below the ears and a slight moustache. I do not think the whole transaction lasted more than a minute. I do not recollect if he spoke English."

This, Mr. Hatwars points out, does not answer the description of Lipski, who is tall, fair, and of a slight build. Mr. Hayward attaches great importance to the evidence given yesterday morning by the new witness, Buchner. The prosecution alleged that Lipski bought one ounce of acid from a certain shop, and that the liquid was put into a bottle labelled exactly as was the one spoken of by Buchner as having been taken to his shop be the man he described. Mr. Hayward has written to the Home Secretary earnestly desiring that some further time should be given for inquiries, as, in consequence of the action of the police, he considers he has lost three days out of the seven at first granted.

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