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Times (London)
11 July 1887


At the Thames Police Court, Israel Lipski, 22, described as a stickmaker, of 16 Batty street, Commercial road, St. George's in the East, was again brought up before Mr. Lushington charged in remand with the wilful murder of Miriam Angel on Tuesday, the 28th of June last. Mr. Sims now appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Treasury; Mr. Geoghegan, barrister, defended; and Inspector D. Final and Detective Sergeant Thicke watched the case on behalf of the Criminal Investigation Department. Isaac Angel and Philip Lipski were recalled, but no new facts were elicited in their evidence. Simon Rosenbloom, whose evidence had to be interpreted, said he lived at 37 Philpot street, Commercial road. He was a native of Poland, and came to England last September. He was a stickmaker. He worked for a Mr. Marks, and the prisoner also worked there. Prisoner left Mr. Marks in Jubilee week. Witness met the prisoner on Saturday, the 25th of June, when he went to get his wages, and Lipski said he was to come to work for him at his lodgings. He was to come at 7 o'clock on the following Tuesday. He went as arranged, and the prisoner let him in. The prisoner was then in his shirt sleeves and barefooted. The witness went up to the garret with Lipski, who gave orders as to the work to be done, did some himself, and went away, saying he was going to Marks's in Backchurch lane to buy a vice. The accused put on his boots, coat, and hat before going. Before he went out the prisoner said there was another workman coming. Lipski came back and said that Marks's shop was shut up. He afterwards went out again. While he was out the second time no one came into the room. The boy Pitman came at 8 o'clock. Previous to the boy coming the accused walked up and downstairs several times. After the boy came the prisoner said he would go and buy some sponge. Lipski then went out and witness did not afterwards see him. The coat and hat produced were the same the prisoner was wearing when witness last saw him. At that time there were no stains upon the coat. After Lipski left the room for the last time some one came upstairs whom Lipski had ordered to come to work. That man stayed in the room waiting for the accused, but as the latter did not return, the man went away. He could not say how long the man waited in the room. The boy was there at the time and went to breakfast, after the man had left some time. Witness had his breakfast in the room. After the boy had had his breakfast he came back. Witness and the boy heard nothing in the house. Later on the witness heard an alarm. Several persons were screaming and crying. Witness and the boy ran downstairs, and on going to Angel's room found several women there and they were crying very much. Some men also came in. Witness did nothing and stood near the bed. He saw no one in the bed until the doctor came. He did not know Mrs. Angel. From the time, 7 o'clock, when he went in the morning, he did not go downstairs until he heard the alarm. He did not know the man who came to work previously to his coming on that morning. The witness having been cross examined, Mr. Lushington remanded the accused.

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