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Times (London)
4 July 1887


Israel Lipski, aged 22, described as a walking stick maker, of 16 Batty street, St. George's, was brought up in custody of Inspector D. Final and Detective Sergeant Thicke, and charged before Mr. Lushington with the wilful murder of Miriam Angel, a married woman, on Tuesday last. Inspector Final informed the magistrate that the coroner's jury had returned a verdict of wilful murder against the accused. He only proposed to call two witnesses that day, as the Treasury intended taking up the case. Isaac Angel, whose evidence had to be interpreted, stated that he was a boot riveter. He lived at 16 Batty street, Commercial road. His wife's name was Miriam Angel, and she was in her 22nd year. Witness occupied the front room on the first floor, and he and his wife had lived there for about six weeks. Witness on Monday night slept with his wife, and they went to bed about half past 11. He got up about 6 o'clock on Tuesday morning, and left home to go to work about a quarter of an hour afterwards. At that time his wife was in bed, and there was no one else in the room. When he left he closed the door behind him, and at that time the key was in the lock on the inside. About a quarter to 12 the same morning a woman came to his workshop and told him something. He went back to his own house, and found a large crowd outside. He was not allowed to go into his own room, and did not do so until Thursday. On that day the police took him in. He saw a handkerchief which did not belong to him; nor had it belonged to his wife. The handkerchief had been folded as a muffler and had been torn. He did not see the dead body of his wife until just before the funeral took place on Thursday, and she was then in the coffin. Mrs. Lipski, the landlady of the house, next gave evidence similar to that given by her on the day previous before the coroner. It dealt with speaking to the accused at half past 8 that morning, and afterwards bursting open the bedroom door of the deceased, and the finding of her dead body on the bed. The chemise deceased had on appeared to have been burnt. Harris Diguren, a general dealer, of 22 Fairclough street, deposed to seeing a crowd outside 16 Batty street on Tuesday morning. He entered the house, and went up into the room occupied by deceased. The doctor was there. Witness looked under the bed on which the dead body of Mrs. Angel lay, and pulled out an old coat, and also an egg case. He then felt what appeared to be the hand of a man. The doctor pulled the bed on one side, and they then saw the accused lying under the bed in an insensible condition. Witness found a bottle where Lipski had been lying. It was the bottle produced. Mr. Saunders remanded the accused for a week.

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