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Mark Galloway, Editor/Founder (1994-1997)
Paul Daniel, Editor (1997-2000)
Paul Begg, Editor (2000-Present)
Six issues per annum, approx. 50-60 pp per issue. Illustrated.
First published: 1994.

Casebook Review:

What began as the club newsletter for the Cloak and Dagger Club eventually blossomed into the mammoth Ripperologist, which is now considered the #1 publication for the study. Currently maxing out at around 62 pages per issue, and having undergone a recent and massive facelift, Ripperologist continues to grow and adapt to the needs of a growing readership. Highly recommended.

Executive Editor: Paul Begg
European Editor: Eduardo Zinna
North American Editor: Christopher T George


1994-2000   |   2000-Present

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