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Mitchell Daily Republican
South Dakota, USA
23 November 1888

The Clifford Dramatic Company

Yankton Press: The opera house was filled at an early hour Tuesday night to witness the first presentation in this city by the Edwin Clifford Dramatic Company, of the weird, blood curdling drama "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde." This dramatisation is very different from Richard Mansfield's and is in many respects an improvement. Edwin Clifford in the dual role of the good Dr. Jekyll and the monster Hyde carried the house with him and received much merited applause. The changes made by this artist were startling in the extreme - one moment the benevolent doctor, his very presence a benediction, the next instant a fiend that would shame Dante's inferno - had usurped his place, and with harsh, guttural voice, protruding fangs, disheveled hair and leering look, froze the auditor. There was no denying the fact that this is a horrible spectacle - but still the public will crowd to see it.

The comedy element is strong and brought down the house - showing that the drama relieved by a background of humor. The support of Miss Augusta VanDoren, Messrs. Page, Young, Beith and others, could not be improved on. We have got the craze and for the next few days will be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the brain.

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