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Atchison Daily Globe
Kansas, USA
20 July 1888

But Bandmann May have New Surprises in Store For Him.

Theatrical people are a good deal amused over the recent coup of Mr. Richard Mansfield, who suddenly departed from New York with his theatrical company for Europe, in order to head off Herr Bandmann, who intended to produce "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" there ahead of him. Mr. Mansfield was born in London thirty one years ago, and his great artistic gifts came to him by the laws of heredity for his mother, Mme. Erminin Rudersdorff, was one of the rarest lyric artists of her time. Sixteen years ago Mme. Rudersdorff and her two sons came to America, the mother then being under engagement to Mr. P. S. Gilmore to sing at the Boston Peace Jubilee. He was in his 20th year when Mme. Rudersdorff decided that he should enter upon a commercial career, and secured him a position in the great dry goods house of Jordan and Marsh, in Boston. He did not continue long at this, however, and when he was 21 went to London to study art. He acquired a reputation for mimicry rather than art, which brought him to the attention of the German, Reeds, and he was regularly engaged at a good salary to appear with Corney Grain. On the first night, worn out by exhaustion and frenzied with the excitement of his new position, which meant either a career or abject failure, he fainted and failed. But he was given another trial, made a success, and got what was more valuable - his name before the press and public in a way that attracted the attention of the

London managers.

Then followed a time of upward work. He played Brigard in "Frou frou", the Admiral and other leading parts in Gilbert and Sullivan operas. Under D'Oyly Carte's management he appeared to New York six years ago. At the end of the first season on the American stage Richard Mansfield found himself a star. Mr. Mansfield's recent achievement in his presentation of his marvelous psychological studies of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is universally conceded to be among the few really remarkable stage creations contemporaneous history has afforded. Daniel E. Bandmann, who was a star when Mansfield was in his swaddling clothes, became a rival to Mr. Mansfield in this wise:

Bandmann sent a request for tickets for himself and friends to Mansfield's performance. Mansfield replied that he didn't give tickets to dime museum people - Bandmann has of late played at "popular prices" - whereupon Herr Bandmann determined to play the part himself.

Bandmann was born at Cassel, Germany, and made his debut at the age of 18 at the Court theatre of New Strelitz. After making reputation in the Shakespearean drama in Germany he came to America, and for the first time played in English, as Shylock, at Niblo's garden, New York, Jan. 15, 1863. For about five years he starred. He pleased Edwin Forrest, and was selected by him to play hamlet in the tercentenary birthday celebration at Philadelphia. Feb. 17, 1869, he appeared at the Lyceum Theatre, London. and created a strong impression in "Narcisse."

In 1877 he played Hamlet and Othello in Berlin. In 1884 Bandmann began an engagement at the Thalia Theatre, New York. Some seasons ago he adopted the circuit of cheap theatres.

Bandmann, having made arrangements to play the celebrated double character in England, secured a London theatre in order to open ahead of Mansfield, who was to have opened at Irving's Lyceum Theatre on Sept.3. Mansfield's going sooner is to outwit the outwitter.

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