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El Siglo XIX

11 July 1889


(From "La Epoca" in Madrid)

We learn by telegraph that there has been found in the Thames, next to London Bridge, the abdominal section of a woman and the rest of the body was found near Battersea Bridge.

According to a telegraph to the "Imparcial", a labourer who works loading and unloading boats found a package which the water had cast up on land. The package was wrapped in an apron and within it there was the lower part of a woman's stomach.

The worker gave an account of the events to the authorities and the police attended at the scene of the crime which had undoubtedly been committed, suspecting it was connected with the reappearance of Jack the Ripper, or was the work of one of his imitators.

The human fragment, found on the banks of the Thames, belonged to a young, fair woman. It could not have been in the river many hours. The cuts were made very cleanly; but it also had, as well, many superfluous incisions and abrasions which indicated a terrible butchery.

As soon as news of this new crime came to public attention, the excitement was enormous, and large numbers of people willingly came forward to help the police in their endeavours. The search of the river and its banks for the rest of the body or other pieces from it, was carried out not only by the authorities but by the public as well.

This resulted in the finding next to Battersea Bridge, up river, if the left thigh of the same woman. This part of the body was wrapped in some womens' drawers and appeared to have been in the water the same number of hours as the other part found.

In London nothing else is discussed, and the resultant alarm has reached the same levels as in the worst days of the Whitechapel crimes.

Doctors have examined the human remains found in the Thames.

Their unanimous opinion is that, beyond any possible doubt, these human remains belong to one woman who had given birth, possibly just a few hours before death and mutilation.

The doctors calculate that the organs found belong to a woman of approximately twenty five years of age.

The theory to which the authorities give credence regarding this new found crime, is that this must be a woman who had an abortion by illegal means.

The woman would have died from the abortion and her accomplices, alarmed, would have dismembered her body to dispose of it more easily.

The garments in which the body parts were wrapped were marked with the name "Fisher."

The police hope that this clue will suffice to bring about the discovery of the authors of this crime.

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