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London, U.K.
14 September 1888


The Whitechapel mysteries now appear to be somewhat nearer solution than has been the case at any period during the investigations by the police authorities, and in certain quarters an arrest of a highly important character is believed to be imminent. One of the greatest difficulties with which the detective officers have to contend is the reluctance to give evidence on the part of persons who, it is thought, might materially facilitate the task of bringing the murderer to justice. So anxious are the police to bring home the crime to the murderer that the members of the H Division have actually subscribed amongst themselves a sum of 50 to supplement the reward of 100 offered by Mr. Samuel Montagu, M.P. The money will be paid to anyone who may confidentially place themselves in communication with the authorities at any of the local police stations. Since this report has spread amongst the frequenters of the common lodging houses, the secrecy hitherto observed by some men and women who knew Annie Chapman has been partially broken. Two of her associates have come forward and made statements as to the woman's movements during the week prior to her death. Inspector Abberline, Inspector Helson, Inspector Chandler, Detective sergeant New and other officials are availing themselves of the incidents which transpired respecting the murder at George Yard buildings, for certain facts now in possession of the police convince them that the three crimes were the outcome of one plot - either on the part of one man or a gang.


Strangely enough, "Pearly Poll," who was with Martha Turner on the night of that poor creature's barbarous murder in George Yard buildings, knew Annie Chapman, and had actually lodged with her at 35 Dorset street, Spitalfields. "Pearly Poll" has been questioned as to her knowledge of "Dark Annie," but her answers on the subject have served little to elucidate the mystery.


Our reporter visited 35 Dorset street (a common lodging house) this afternoon, and saw Tim Donovan, the deputy, and a woman named Elizabeth Allen, who stated that "Dark Annie" would sometimes sleep there three or four nights a week, and was so particular as to the accommodation that, said Elizabeth Allen, she always insisted upon having an eightpenny bed, which carries with it greater advantages than those accorded by a fourpenny or sixpenny "doss." "The lodgers having the cheaper bed," said the woman, "were expected to turn out earlier in the morning." Elizabeth Allen noticed "Dark Annie" came back into the house on the afternoon of the day before her death. At that time there was no man with her, and Annie Chapman remarked to Elizabeth Allen, "Betty, I'm sick of this. I've no money, and shan't come in here tonight. If someone would give me a pair of boots I should go off hopping at once." "Dark Annie's" last words to her friend were, "Goodbye , Betty. Be good."


The man known as Ted Stanley, who occasionally visited 35 Dorset street with Annie Chapman, where they were regarded as man and wife, has not been seen in Whitechapel since Saturday last. He then walked in, about three o'clock in the afternoon, and addressing the deputy, asked if he had heard of the murder in Hanbury street. Tim Donovan replied that he had, adding, "I wonder who did it." "When I said that," exclaimed the deputy this afternoon, "he looked flushed, turned all manner of colours, and left the house directly after. A woman who came here last night told me she had seen Ted in Westminster, where he slept in a lodging house on Wednesday night. Why doesn't he come forward and say what he knows of the woman we thought was his wife?" The deputy states that he knew Ted Stanley as a pensioner, but what regiment he had been in he could not say. Latterly he had gained his living either as a dock labourer or a market porter. A fact of some significance is this - that on Saturday afternoon, when the pensioner arrived at 33 Dorset street, he was wearing a new coat. His appearance, remarked our informant, was quite different to what it had been before.


Many of the inhabitants of the East end are almost terror stricken by the nightly dread of other murders being perpetrated in their midst, and such is the fear of women of the abandoned class that large numbers of them have left the district to swell the ranks of the fallen in other districts of the metropolis. Some of these poor creatures can, it is thought, give the police valuable information respecting certain of Annie Chapman's associates, in whose company the deceased was seen; but they refrain from doing so on account of threats held over their heads as to the consequences which would follow in denouncing a "pal." In spite of the difficulties with which the police have had to contend, however, an important arrest may be looked for at any moment.

A statement was made last night to a Press Association reporter by a young person named Lloyd, living in Heath street, Commercial road, E., which may possibly prove of some importance. While standing outside a neighbour's door, at about 10.30, on Monday night, she heard her daughter, who was sitting on the doorstep, scream, and on looking round saw a man walk hurriedly away. The daughter states that the man peered into her face, and she perceived a large knife at his side. A lady living opposite stated that a similar incident took place outside her house. The man was short of stature, with a sandy beard, and wore a cloth cap. The woman drew the attention of some men who were passing to the strange man, and they pursued him for some distance, until he turned up a bye street, and, after assuming a threatening attitude, he suddenly disappeared.


It is regarded as of considerable importance that Dr. Philips yesterday established the fact that the deceased must have been lying in the backyard in Hanbury street at least upwards of two hours before her body was found, and that young Richardson, therefore, must have been mistaken in his evidence. This gives the police only about two hours to account for in connection with the disappearance of Chapman. In addition to searching for the whereabouts of the woman during that time, special efforts are being made to ascertain, if possible, who was the writer of the envelope bearing the embossed stamp of the Sussex Regiment, a portion of which envelope was found on Chapman. It has just been discovered that she had been in the habit of receiving similar letters.


Numerous amateur detectives are at work exploring - as far as they can - the surroundings of this extraordinary crime. According to the London correspondent of The Times, "No less a personage than a director of the Bank of England is so possessed by his special conviction, that he has disguised himself as a day labourer, and is exploring the public houses, the common lodging houses, and other likely places to find the murderer."


The funeral of Annie Chapman took place this morning with the utmost secrecy.


Inspector Webber, A Division, attended before the Magistrate at Westminster, this afternoon, and stated that the police last night found, and took home, the girl Emma Potter, who was reported missing by her mother, who had expressed her fear that the girl's disappearance might be associated with the discovery of a mutilated limb at Pimlico.


Sir - At the risk of appearing irrelevant and an alarmist, will you allow me to point out that the tragedies in Whitechapel, which have so shocked civilisation, have occurred between midnight on Friday and 6 a.m. on Saturday. We are clearly not dealing with an ordinary criminal, and may he not, therefore, have a predilection for the accomplishment of his fiendish purpose in especial days and between especial hours? And does it not, therefore, behove the police to be additionally active and alert on the periodical recurrence of those days and hours?

Yours, &c.,
Stoke Newington, Sept. 13.

Sir - May I add to what has already been said on this subject?

Yesterday, at eleven a.m., a gentleman was seized and robbed of everything in Hanbury street. At five p.m. an old man of 70 years was attacked and served in the same manner in Chicksand street. At ten a.m. today a man ran into a baker's shop at the corner of Hanbury street and Kind Edward street, and ran off with the till and its contents.

All these occurred within one hundred yards of each other, and midway between the scenes of the last two horrible murders.

Yours obediently,
September 13.


Sir - Noticing in your report on the case of a Pole at the Worship street Police court, today, the high handed manner in which a Magistrate discharged his duty (that Magistrate supposed to be unprejudiced and to deal fairly with all classes of people. no matter to what country they belong,) we cannot help expressing our greatest indignation. It appears that he at first actually refused to grant a hearing altogether to the complainant on the ground that he was a foreigner. Now, we beg to ask your readers whether this is the integrity of justice? Reconsidering the matter, the Magistrate at last felt obliged to grant the summons asked for, at the same time saying he hoped the complainant would not succeed in his case. We venture to think that Englishmen, who are so justly proud of their country and her laws, cannot help feeling ashamed that one of their countrymen, holding the high and responsible office of a Magistrate, should allow a prejudiced feeling to interfere with the course of justice.

Yours respectfully,
Two Foreigners.
Bayswater, Sept. 12.

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