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East and West Ham Gazette (U.K.)
Saturday, 29 September 1888

It is instructive reading to go through the statistics published by the Home Office just now when the police are at fault in several cases, and compare the number of crimes detected and undetected for the past year. It will be a shock to many who have approved of the notice stopping the payment of rewards for the conviction of murderers that crime of the more serious description is not discovered to the extent it was in the year previous, to the issuing of the above mentioned notice, whereas detected crime of the petty class has risen in number that is very satisfactory to all concerned. Why is this? We do not believe in the outcry raised against the heads of the criminal department, but we cannot ignore stubborn facts, neither can we close our eyes and blindly believe that our detective system is by any means what it should be. That the police appear a great deal behind the requirements of the times is plainly shown by the crimes in the north and east of London that up to the present have as little chance of being detected as ever, but is it really their fault, is it that the deeds are so carefully planned and carried out that the detectives have no clue to work upon. For even trained bloodhounds are lost without a scent to work from, or is it that the police are really not what we thought and trusted they were. It is a terrible thing to think that such horrible murders can take place right in our midst without any one of them being discovered or a clue obtained that will give hope of a capture that shall explain the motive of the shocking outrages that have startled and frightened the populace who live in the districts where they have been committed.

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