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Decatur Daily Despatch (Illinois, U.S.A.)
8 August 1891

The Scapegoat of the Cleveland Street Scandal

Seattle, Wash., Aug. 6.
Charles P. Hammond, made notorious because of his operations in Cleveland street, London, is thought to be dying. Eight months ago he was committed to the city jail for grand larceny, and was afterwards sentenced to two years in the penitentiary, but the case is now on appeal. He claims that the principal witness against him is Detective Todhunter, of the Scotland yard. Hammond is suffering with pneumonia, and is also afflicted with a complication of diseases.

Hammond's approaching end will be comforting news to many people who bear honorable names in England. The details of the Cleveland street scandal kept the ocean cable busy for weeks some two years ago. Hammond was the keeper of a notorious house in Cleveland street, London, said to be frequented by members of parliament and scions of the nobility. Indeed royalty itself was smirched by some of the accounts published at the time. Hammond fled to America and the popular belief is that he was aided in his escape from the law by people holding high places in the British government. Though offered strong inducements to talk, Hammond refused to disclose what occurred in his Cleveland street house or make public the names of those who frequented it.

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