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Daily Northwestern
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
1 March 1890


London, March 1.
The Star, T.P. O'Connor's paper, commenting on the proceedings in the Commons yesterday which resulted in the expulsion of Labouchere, has a good deal to say in relation to the Cleveland street scandal, a public reference to which was the cause of the expulsion. Briefly stated, the reason of Mr. Labouchere's temporary removal was his assertion that Lord Salisbury was indirectly responsible for the escape of Lord Somerset who was concerned in the scandal. Mr. Labouchere yesterday asserted that the premier conspired to defeat the ends of justice. The Star says: "The Liberals intend to protest against Labouchere's suspension in such a manner as to deter the chairman from again making such a ruling as that of yesterday."

The Star accuses the government of culpable remissness in enabling the titled criminals to escape punishment for connection with the scandals.

The Pall Mall Gazette demands of Lord Salisbury the appointment of a commission of inquiry to decide who is to blame for the escape of the criminals.

The Globe denounces Labouchere for his insolence and says his political trade led him to connect the government with the nauseous scandal and to pose as hero and martyr.

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