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Atlanta Constitution
Georgia, U.S.A.
6 June 1889


Liverpool, June 5.
The inquest into the death of Maybrick, who is supposed to have been poisoned by his wife, was resumed today. Dr. Popper testified that he had treated the patient for deranged digestion and nervous disorders. He has prescribed the use of strychnine, but never advised the use of arsenic. Maybrick had told witness that he was acquainted with the medicinal properties of arsenic. Witness stated that in June, 1888, Mrs. Maybrick came to him and asked him to speak to her husband about the habit of arsenic-taking, to which, she said, he was addicted. Maybrick had acknowledged to witness that he had struck his wife and given her a black eye during a quarrel about a gentleman. Witness further stated that Mrs. Maybrick had expressed to him a repugnance toward her husband and wished that she could obtain a separation from him.

Dr. Humphreys, who had also attended Maybrick, testified that shortly before the patient's death he had given him directions that a few drops of the solution of arsenic be administered hourly to the sick man.

A few drops of arsenical solution ordered by Dr. Humphreys were equal to one fifteenth of a drop of one per cent solution. The bottle of meat extract contained much arsenic. The waiter in a London hotel identified Brierly as a man who stayed with Mrs. Maybrick two days as her husband in March last. This testimony elicited groans and hisses, and the coroner threatened to clear the court. A letter was read which Mrs. Maybrick wrote to Brierly from jail, appealing for assistance and money, and stating that everything was known about their visit to London. The letter concluded: "Appearances are terribly against me, but before God I swear I am innocent."

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