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Williamsport Sunday Grit
23 March 1930

Jack the Ripper Announces His Return to Dusseldorf


Mysterious Man Declares He Posed as Girl and Danced With Police Official and That He Will End Life If Trapped

Jack the Ripper, who terrorized the city of Dusseldorf, Germany, with a series of brutal murders some weeks ago and then disappeared, has returned to the city and plans more killings, he announces in a letter written to a leading newspaper.

Once more police are on the hunt for him, and terror rules almost every household in Dusseldorf. When and where he will first strike nobody knows.

The killer returned to the city, he explained in his letter, by disguising himself as a girl and attending a ball, where he danced with a high police official. At the same time the man warns that when police get too hot on his trail he will commit suicide.

The mysterious man also explains that he is an art student and that his father is a high court official in another unnamed German city. He concludes with the statement that he is doing his victims a good turn by killing them "because they are better off dead than alive anyway." Most of his victims are women.

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