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Weekly Gazette and Stockman
Reno, Nevada, USA
5 September 1889

What Belva Lockwood Saw in Whitechapel

Belva Lockwood, who is at present in London, is known to have the courage of her convictions, but she broke all her previous records last week by going down alone into Whitechapel to visit the scene of Jack the Ripper's amusement - an adventure that a great many men would not care to undertake. Lockwood did not use her tricycle, however, though she has it with her in London, but drove down in an omnibus. Among other things witnessed by the ex candidate for President was a fight in Castle alley, brought about by a talkative woman. "Finally," said Lockwood, in describing the fracas, "a man raised his fist and dealt the talkative woman a blow in the face, from which she bled freely, but still continued to talk." The latter circumstance need not have surprised a woman who knows her sex so well as Lockwood does, but she did her duty when, ultimately, a policeman arrived, by saying to him: "Sir, you should have come before." Like all policemen, he was callous to this reproof and responded: "Oh, madam, this is a matter of hourly occurrence. I have just taken two men from this locality to the station." This disgusted the reformer, and she returned to civilization.

Weekly Gazette and Stockman
Reno, Nevada, USA
5 September 1889

London, Sept. 3.
Intense excitement was caused in the central district this morning by the announcement that an old man had stabbed two women of the town who declined his company. This Jack the Ripper scare raised a scene and in a short time the place was crowded by an immense throng.