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Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
17 November 1907

From an article entitled: "After Executing 197 criminals Berry Opposes Death Penalty"

London, Nov. 7.
One of the most notorious criminals of modern times, a man who has given his name to an odious kind of murder, Jack the Ripper, Berry declares he hanged, and at the moment he was talking he was wearing the cuff links that he took from the man's cuffs when he pinioned his hands. According to Berry, this man, of whose identity there have been so many stories, was John Henry Burey, keeper of a cat's meat shop in the East End of London.

Jack the Ripper's Crimes

"Behind this shop," said Berry, "were rooms which he used to let to women of the streets. During his absence some one - one of these degraded women, he fully believed - broke into his room and stole some of his savings. "This made the man so mad that he swore an oath that if he could not find out who it was he would murder every woman who had used his house. This threat he proceeded to carry out.

"Eventually his wife threatened, during a quarrel, to inform the authorities, whereupon he killed her and tried to dispose of the body, which he cut up. For this he was condemned.

"When in the cell and about to pinion him, I said:

"'Well, Jack the Ripper, have you anything to say? If so, say it now, as you will have no chance later.'

"'No,' was the reply. 'If any one stole anything from me I'd kill the lot to find the right one. I'm not going to give you any big lines, go on with your work, Berry, I'll not say anything.'

"Nor did he."

Berry is to depart shortly to the United States, where he is booked for an evangelical lecturing tour.

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