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Wandsworth and Battersea District Times
United Kingdom
SATURDAY, 15 September 1888

The Charge Against a Theatrical Manager

Roland Israel Gideon Barnett, who described himself as a theatrical manager, was re-examined on the charge of obtaining a sum of 45 from Henry Charles Britton, a butcher of Tooting, with intent to defraud, the offence having, it was alleged, been committed in 1879. Mr. Pollard appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Solicitor to the Treasury, and Mr. Poland, instructed by Mr. Bernard Abrahams, defended. Mr. Pollard asked the magistrate to deal with the case on the evidence already before him, and said the only additional witnesses he could call were the clerk of the bank on which the particular cheque in question was drawn, and Inspector Andrews, of the Criminal Investigation Department, by whom the accused was arrested. Mr. Plowden said he had had an opportunity of reading the information on which the warrant was granted, and unless it could be supplemented by additional evidence, he would take upon himself the responsibility of discharging the prisoner, believing that no jury would convict. Mr. Pollard said he thought it right to tell the magistrate that he had no additional evidence. Mr. Plowden then discharged the prisoner, observing that he would be required to clear himself of another charge of a more serious character. The prisoner then left the dock, and on his arrival in the precincts of the court, he was immediately rearrested by Inspector Andrews on an extradition warrant for obtaining large sums of money by false pretenses in America. He will be taken to Bow-street Police-court, and charged with the offence.

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