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Times (London)
20 December 1900

London County Sessions - Before Mr. Loveland, Q.C., John Evest, 71, formerly a medical student, but who has served perms of penal servitude for thefts of medical instruments, was sentenced to five years' penal servitude on conviction for stealing a microscope, value 20, from the London Hospital.

(Before Mr. Loveland, Q.C., Deputy Chairman.)

John Evest, 71, described in the calendar as a doctor, was indicted for having stolen a microscope worth 20, the property of Colonel James Mulroney. The prosecutor, who was an officer in the Indian Medical Service, now serving in India, was in August last studying at the London Hospital. On August 20 the microscope was stolen in some unexplained manner from the hospital, and shortly afterwards it was pawned by the prisoner at the shop of Mr. Arnold, in Lewisham High road. Mr. Arnold, having learned from the police that the microscope was stolen property, afterwards met the prisoner in the street and gave him into custody. The prisoner alleged that he bought it 18 months ago. The jury convicted him. It was stated that the prisoner, who was partially paralysed, had once been a medical student. He, however, had been many times convicted of stealing medical instruments, and had undergone terms of seven and ten years' penal servitude. Mr. Loveland said that if his health was bad he would be well cared for in prison, and would not be set to any work he could not do. He was sentenced to five years' penal servitude.

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