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The Times (London).
1 March 1895

At Marylebone, Mr. Cooke had before him Annie Bowyer, 24, a trained nurse, of Holles street, Cavendish square, and Harold Wood, 30, of the Raymond Hotel, Maidenhead, Berks, who were charged with being concerned in attempting to commit an illegal operation on a lady named Emma Nicholson. Detective Inspector Arrow, D Division, was in charge of the case. Mr. Hood, solicitor, defended Woos, and Mr. Lickfold, solicitor, was for the female prisoner. Dr. W.H. Fenton, of 27 George street, Hanover square, said Mrs. Nicholson consulted him professionally on Monday last. He examined her and informed her that she was pregnant. From what he saw, he suspected that she had been subjected to some mechanical operation, and, after cautioning her, he taxed her with it. She made a statement in reply which confirmed the correctness of the suspicion. He warned her of the consequences of such action and she went away. On Wednesday he received a note and went to see Mrs. Nicholson at Holles street. He found her exceedingly ill lying on a sofa, the prisoner Bowyer being with her. He found the patient in a serious condition. When he said he should require a nurse being engaged the patient said Miss Bowyer was a nurse. He inquired if it was she who had been dealing with the patient, and Bowyer said it was. He asked her to be frank and tell him what she had done, and she replied that she had used instruments. Being seriously alarmed at Mrs. Nicholson's condition, witness took steps at once to consult Sir John Williams and secure his co-operation. They together saw the patient the same night, and witness performed an operation, by which Mrs. Nicholson was rescued from danger. Witness communicated with the police, and Inspector Arrow arrested the female prisoner. Subsequently Inspector Arrow returned to Holles street and asked for information about a certain address, which he expected to find in the room. At first it could not be found, but witness noticed a blotting pad which had marks of recent writing upon it, so he handed it to the officer. Charles Arrow, detective inspector of the D division, said that, in consequence of information, he and Detective sergeant Keys went to 18 Holles street, and arrested the female prisoner. She said she had no interest in the case, she had done it for a friend. She was asked to do it by a gentleman who was in a great difficulty. At the police station she said the gentleman's name was Wood, but she did not know his address. Witness examined the blotting pad found by Dr. Fenton, and on it found the following, "Harold Wood, Esq., 3 West Chapel street, Mayfair." He and Sergeant Keys went to that address at 1 o'clock that morning, and arrested the prisoner Wood. Amongst the papers found on him was receipted bill for 4 14s 3d, made out to Mrs. Nicholson by the landlord of 18 Holles street. Wood said his address was at Maidenhead, but he had been staying at Mayfair for about a fortnight. At the police station the prisoners were confronted and the statement Bowyer had made was read over and she said, "That is perfectly correct. This is the man Wood I referred to." Martha Williams, daughter of the landlord at Holles street, said the prisoner Wood and another gentleman took the apartments for Mrs. Nicholson, and Wood accompanied her when she took possession. Mr. Wood paid the first week's bill. Mr. Cooke ordered a remand and certified for legal aid. An application to admit the prisoners to bail was refused.

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