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Times (London)
4 November 1884


In connexion with the general examination of students of the Inns of Court held at Lincoln's-inn Hall, 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d of October, the Council of Legal Education have awarded to the following students certificates that they have satisfactorily passed a public examination:-Edmund Acres Bagshawe, Middle Temple; Frederic Gorell Barnes, Oliver Eaton Bodington, Archibald Henry Bodkin, John Lee Booker, Alfred John Bowman, and Edward Egerton Hanson Brydges, Inner Temple; Louis Matthew Cantlon, Middle Temple; Charles William Chitty, William Bey Cobb, Francis Cochran, and Hugh Bertram Cox, Inner Temple; Arthur Herbert Davis and Peter Alexander de Rosario, Middle Temple; Havilland Walter de Sausmarez and Richard Marcus Gordon Dill, Inner Temple; Henry William Disney, Lincoln's-inn; Montague John Druitt and Percy Francis Du Croz, Inner Temple; Khirode Behay Dutt, Lincoln's-inn; Ewald August Esselen, Inner Temple; Edward Albert Gait, Middle Temple; Robert Thomas Gill and Henry Rider Haggard, Lincoln's-inn; Robert William Frederick Harrison, Inner Temple; Walter Parry Haskett-Smith, Lincoln's-inn; Thomas Wagstaffe Haycraft, William Oliver Hodges, and Llewellyn Wynne Jones, Inner Temple; Clement Boulton Roylance Kent, Gray's-inn; Clifford Kitchin, Lincoln's-inn; Pandit Shyamaji Krishnavarma and John Highfield Leigh, Inner Temple; Benjamin Scott Foster Macgeagh, Middle Temple; Edward Charles Macnaghten, Lincoln's-inn; Mohammed Abdool Majid, Middle Temple; Robert Manuel, Inner Temple; Henry Merrick, Middle Temple; Jijibhai Edalji Modi, Lincoln's-inn; Thomas Moore, Alfred Cyril Morasso and Charles James Morris, Middle Temple; Arthur Turnour Murray, Lincoln's-inn; Norman Macdonald St. John Maradin Newton, Inner Temple; Moung Bah Ohn, Middle Temple; Francis Plumptre Beresford Osmaston, Inner Temple; William Edward Oswell, Middle Temple; Edward Hare Pickersgill, Inner Temple; Pliny Henry Pisani, Middle Temple; Ernest Murray Pollock, Inner Temple; Leslie Probyn, Arthur Philip Quicke, Edward Rushton, Arthur Clavell Salter, and Charles Douglas Scott, Middle Temple; Alexander George John Stewart, Edgar Storey, and Arthur Edward Swift, Inner Temple; Israel Alexander Symmons, George Paul Taylor, Syed Mohamed Habib Ullah, Joseph Vincent, and William Montgomery Fairlie Waterton, Middle Temple; and Robert Younger, Inner Temple.

The following students passed a satisfactory examination in Roman Law:-Alfred Armitage Baker, Lincoln's-inn; Francis John Brownlow Bethune, Reginald Childers Culling Carr, and Edward Chandos Cholmondley, Inner Temple; Edward Clayton, Gray's-inn; Hon. Gilbert Coleridge and Hon. Stephen William Buchanan Coleridge, Middle Temple; William Thomas Arthur Cosby, George Courtauld, John Grathan Dickson, and Charles Frederic Duncan, Inner Temple; Francis Fitzgerald and John Duncan Forbes, Middle Temple; Kumar Shri Harbbamji, Lincoln's-inn; William James Hill and George Smith Eugene Humphreys, Inner Temple; Mohammad Abdul Jall, Middle Temple; Herman Le Roy, Inner Temple; Ralph Robert Lumley, Middle Temple; Michael Gallwey M'Namara, Richard Edmund Mitcheson, and Frank Morris, Inner Temple; Charles Herrman Oertel, Lincoln's-inn; Harold Edmond Petherick and Thomas Crispe Poole, Middle Temple; Charles Gray Robertson, Inner Temple; Henry William Kent Roscoe, Arthur Joseph Russell, Byra´nji Colabavala Rustamji, and Arthur O'Ferrall Shaen, Lincoln's-inn; Cecil Smith, Charles Edward Drummond Teifer, and Michael Henry Temple, Inner Temple; Namaswayam Tyagaraja and Charles Herbert Tylce, Lincoln's-inn; Edwin Drake Sealy Vidal, Inner Temple; Francis Watt and Reginald Cooper Willis, Gray's-inn; and Charles Wilson, Middle Temple.

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