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New Oxford Item
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

7 October 1892

A man named Szemeredy, who, while under arrest in Pressburg, Hungary, committed suicide in his cell, was, it has been learned, the perpetrator of a series of murders and robberies in that city. The crimes were committed by daylight, the victims including a jeweller named Schutz, who was murdered in February last; an inn keeper named Funfhaus; the porter of the Episcopal Palace at Stephensplatz, and a watchmaker's assistant, who was murdered last week. He also committed several murders in Buenos Ayers. He was a lunatic. The police of Pesth believe that Szemeredy was the wretch known in London as Jack the Ripper. They claim to have evidence that he was in London at the time that every murder was attributed to Jack the Ripper was committed. The lunatic at Pressburg, however, does not appear to have chose women for his victims, and he robbed people as well as murdered them.

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