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Marion Daily Star
Ohio, USA
21 Dcember 1903


Horrible Butchery of a Woman in New York Recalls the Whitechapel Murders
Police Today Arrest Swedish Fisherman Who's Believed to Be "Jack the Ripper"

New York, Dec 21.
Emil Totterman, alias Carl Nielson, thirty five years old, was arrested this afternoon by Detective Cronin, charged with the murder of Sarah Martin in Kelley's Hotel. When confronted by Mrs. Kelley, the wife of the proprietor of the hotel, the man was positively identified by her as the man who went to a room with the Martin woman Saturday night.

Totterman was arrested in a sailors' boarding house, known as the Sailors' Union at No. 37 South street. Detective McCafferty of the central office obtained the information upon which the arrest was made. A box marked "Belno" was the clue worked on. He found that Belno, a schooner, was at Bridgeport and learned that Totterman made his headquarters at the Sailors' Union. He telephoned his information to the police and detectives who were sent easily found their man.

Totterman will be arraigned this afternoon.

The brutal murder of Sarah Martin, a woman of the docks, whose body was found yesterday horribly cut up in a resort at No. 9 James street, marks in every detail the fiendishness of "Jack the Ripper" murders in White Chapel, London.

The detectives say the crime was committed by a Swedish fisherman who was seen in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Saturday.

On Saturday night a man apparently a sailor of Swedish nationality wandered into Kelley's hotel, a James street resort, and fell in with Miss Martin. The couple took a room, and the man carrying two bundles. Nothing further was heard of the couple until 5 o'clock yesterday, when the body of Sarah Martin was found, cold and stiff in bed. There were two stab wounds in the throat, a heavy cut across the breast from arm pit to arm pit and a deep wound in the abdomen. There were no signs of a struggle and it is probable that the woman was stupified by liquor. The man had disappeared. Two bundles found in the room contained two outing shirts stained with blood and a cheap undershirt, together with a pair of old shoes. There was also found two purchase tickets of Meigs and Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, showing purchaser had bought a pair of shoes and a sweater there. On the paper which was wrapped on the show box was written in a bad hand "Fred. B. Belno."

Detectives were told at Meigs' today that a man answering the murderer's description had been there Saturday and told the manager that he had been shipwrecked off the Massachusetts coast and that he had been in the New Haven hospital. The records of the hospital show that a man, giving his name as John Anderson, was admitted to the hospital on May 1 last and remained two months. He was suffering from a wound in the head. July 1 he was readmitted suffering from the same wound. He said he had been shipwrecked off the Massachusetts coast.

The peculiarity of the murder, its apparent lack of motive and the way it was accomplished, suggests the Whitechapel murders, which were undoubtedly committed by a degenerate. The Whitechapel murderer left clues behind him but was never caught.

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