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Hawaiian Gazette
United States
8 March 1895
Is It Jack the Ripper?

London, Feb. 21.

An attempted murder, surrounded by many circumstances similar to the Jack the Ripper crimes, was perpetrated this evening at Spitalfields, one of the eastern suburbs of London. The screams of a woman attracted a crowd to a lonely thoroughfare, and the people arriving first upon the scene caught a man red handed in the act of butchering a woman of the unfortunate class. The unfortunate victim was not dead when help arrived, but she had been injured in a terrible manner. The man was bending over her prostrate body, and with a long bladed knife was hacking his victim's body in a manner which characterized the shocking crimes attributed to Jack the Ripper.

The man was at once taken into custody and gave the name of Grant. He further said that he was a ship's fireman. The police have made inquiries, with the result that certain clues they have obtained suggest that the prisoner may be Jack the Ripper.

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