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Grimsby Observer & Humber News, The (U.K.)
17 October 1888

Murder Craze In Paris

The Whitechapel murders, says a Paris correspondent, have not only been here a newspaper sensation of the first magnitude, but have got on weak brains and set madmen and lovers of practical jokes writing to the Prefect of Police. M. Goroen, the head of the Criminal Investigation Department, has received the following, among other letters: "Sir - You must have heard of the Whitechapel murders. This is the explanation of their mysterious side. There are partners, I and another, in this business. One is in England and the other in France. I am at Brest, and am going to Paris to operate as does my London colleague in London. We are seeking in the human body that which the doctors have never found. You will try in vain to hunt us down. Our next victim will be a woman between 20 and 30. We will cut her carotid artery, disembowel her, amputate four fingers of her left hand, leaving the thumb only. Meanwhile you will hear of me, and in three weeks at most. Look Out. Signed - H.L. P. O."