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East and West Ham Gazette (U.K.)
Saturday, 13 October 1888


THE Bishop of Bedford (Rev. Dr. Billing) who, for ten years, was rector of Spitalfields' Church, and, therefore is well acquainted with the neighbourhood where the recent murders have been committed, says the best way to befriend the poor street-walkers of Whitechapel would be to provide a Home where washing and other work could be done, and where poor women who do really wish to lead a better life could find employment. If entrusted with means to provide such a Home he would gladly undertake the responsibility of conducting it, in conjunction with the clergy and others who are only too anxious to see it established. Two thousand pounds is the sum required to start the Home. Dr. Billing has been a good friend to the poor of Spitalfields, and has established a Home in that district for poor boys, who, by paying a few shillings a week, are provided with good wholesome food and a comfortable lodging. Now, should the money required for the Home referred to be forthcoming, it certainly would be a success under the able management of the worthy Bishop, and would be the means of checking the evil now existing in the East-end of London. All those who are inclined to be charitable can just unloosen their purse-strings and contribute to so grand and noble an undertaking.