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Daily Northwestern
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
11 April 1890


Hurley, Wis., April 11.
Hurley was last night the scene of a murder that equals in horror any of the Whitechapel crimes. Early this morning the body of Laura Whittlesay, alias Lottie Morgan, a woman of the demi monde, was found in the rear of Ives' saloon, the toughest place in town. Over the right eye was a deep, long cut which caused her death. An axe was discovered with blood stains upon it in a shed near by. This was undoubtedly the weapon used by the murderer. A revolver identified as belonging to the victim was found near her head. None of the chambers were empty. Several valuable diamond rings and other jewelry and over $20 in cash was found on the body showing conclusively that the deed was prompted by other motives than robbery. The Morgan woman was last seen about eleven o'clock in John Sullivan's saloon, from whence she started up an alley towards her rooms. The murderer was probably lying in wait for her and struck her and left her as she fell. The only explanation offered at all plausible is that she was killed by a jealous lover of whom she had quite a number. The police say there is no clue to the perpetrator of the ghastly crime. Lottie Morgan was a favorite actress here in the palmy days of Hurley variety theaters but has since fallen to the lowest depths.

Bessemer, Mich., April 11.
Lottie Morgan, who was about twenty seven years old and belonged to the demi monde, was found murdered behind a saloon in Hurley this morning, Her head was split open, cut off and awfully mutilated with an axe. The police are working on a clue. This is a Jack the Ripper case.