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The City Press (London)
Wednesday, 7 November 1888


THE Lord Mayor-Elect and Mr. Sheriff Newton purpose [sic] entertaining on Lord Mayor's Day upwards of ten thousand of the poor of London. With the co-operation of Mr. F. N. Charrington, a meal of a substantial character is to be given at the Tower Hamlets Mission Hall on Friday to two thousand of the needy residents of the East-end. All poor are eligible, the only condition imposed being that all who receive the meal shall answer to the description of poor and needy. The tea is to be followed by an entertainment of an amusing character, for which several well-known professionals have been engaged. In addition to these benefactions, we have already announced the Lord Mayor and his Sheriff have arranged to make special and suitable gifts to the 80 inmates of the City of London Union now in hospital at Margate, and to 260 children from the same union now in schools at Hanwell.

For Lord Mayor's Day the following regulations have been issued by Sir James Fraser: From the hour of ten a.m. until the Lord Mayor's procession has returned to the Guildhall, and for such longer period as may be found necessary, the following streets and approaches thereto will be closed to all wheeled traffic: Gresham-street west, St. Martin's-le-Grand, Cheapside, Poultry, Mansion House-street, Cornhill, Leadenhall-street, Billiter-street, Fenchurch-street, Mincing-lane, Great Tower-street, Eastcheap, King William-street, Queen Victoria-street, Cannon-street, St. Paul's-churchyard, Ludgate-hill, Fleet-street, Victoria-embankment, Queen-street and King-street. No procession other than that of the Lord Mayor, nor any organised body of persons shall on that day be, or pass in, or along any street or thoroughfare within the City of London and its liberties.

The secretary of the East-end Propaganda Committee of the Socialist League has contradicted various statements which have been published with regard to the projected doings of the Socialists on Lord Mayor's Day. He states that no details of the proceedings are as yet determined upon, the final arrangements having been left for discussion at a meeting to be held late on Thursday. . .

POOR OF THE EAST-END. - In two reports of the London City Mission issued this week, additional light is thrown upon the condition of the people in the neighbourhood where the East-end atrocities were committed. The Flower-and-Dean-street report says:- "All the victims lived in this district, and frequented the common lodging-houses situated within its boundaries. Some were well known to the missionary, especially the Mitre-square victim, who had on previous Sundays attended the service held by the missionary in one of the lodging-houses." The earnings of this class of people are very inadequate, while the price they pay for their rooms is exorbitant.