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A Grim Almanack of Jack the Ripper's London, 1870-1900 (Storey, 20...Stephen P. Ryder12-11-04  3:39 pm
Alias Jack the Ripper: Beyond the Usual Whitechapel Suspects (R. Mi...AmateurSleuth12-04-05  9:08 pm
American Murders of Jack the Ripper, The (Gordon, 2003)Natasha Evans1-29-04  5:11 pm
Annie Chapman, Jack the Ripper Victim: A Short Biography (Neal Shel...Neal Shelden5-05-03  10:45 am
Autumn of Terror (Cullen, 1965)Chris Scott1-06-04  8:58 am
By Ear and Eyes: The Whitechapel Murders, Jack the Ripper and the M...Christian Jaud67 11-12-05  11:57 am
Casebook on Jack the Ripper, A (Richard Whittington-Egan, 1975)... 2-24-03  9:38 am
Cases That Haunt Us (2000)Glenn L Andersson21 2-03-05  7:55 am
Catherine Eddowes, Jack the Ripper Victim (Neal Shelden, 2003)Chris Scott45 10-01-04  2:00 pm
Clarence: Was He Jack the Ripper? (Michael Harrison, 1972)bluespirit20058-28-05  6:17 pm
Complete History of Jack the Ripper (Philip Sugden, 1995)MTR37 11-06-05  12:42 pm
Complete Jack the Ripper, The (Donald Rumbelow, 1975)Suzi Hanney69 12-17-05  6:42 am
Crimes and Times of Jack the Ripper, The (Cullen)  
Crimes, Detection and Death of Jack the Ripper, The (Martin Fido, 1... 2-24-03  9:41 am
Curse Upon Mitre Square: A.D. 1530-1888, The (John Francis Brewer ,...George Hutchinson6-20-05  4:08 am
Dear Boss... Three letters attributed to Jack the Ripper (Greystone... 2-24-03  9:44 am
Diary of Jack the Ripper, The (Shirley Harrison, 1993)Gary Weatherhead5-04-03  3:46 pm
Did Aleister Crowley Know the Identity of Jack the Ripper? (Frater ...Thomas C. Wescott9-26-03  9:12 pm
Doctor in the Nineties (Halsted, 1959)Stephen P. Ryder3-04-04  2:46 pm
Enigma of Jack the Ripper ... Jack the Ripper Unveiled (Dr. Locksle... 2-24-03  9:47 am
Eye to the Future: The Whitechapel Murders (Patricia Cory, 1994)... 2-24-03  9:49 am
Famous Crimes Past and Present: Jack the Ripper (Harold Furniss)...Ira Bloomfield10-15-04  11:59 pm
Fils de Jack l'Eventreur, Les (Norbert Spehner, 1995) 2-24-03  9:50 am
First Fifty Years of Jack the Ripper, Vols I-II (Stephen P Ryder, 1...Stephen P. Ryder2-23-04  1:32 pm
First Jack the Ripper Victim Photographs, The (McLaughlin, 2003)...Glenn G. Lauritz And14 10-02-05  7:45 pm
From Hell ... The Jack the Ripper Mystery (Hinton, 1998) 3-05-03  10:30 pm
Harlot Killer, The (Barnard, 1953) 3-05-03  10:31 pm
Highways and Byways of Jack the Ripper, The (Riley, 2001)AmateurSleuth12-04-05  9:28 pm
History of the Whitechapel Murders, The (Fox, 1888) 3-05-03  10:31 pm
Hvem Var Jack the Ripper? (Muusmann, 1908) 3-05-03  10:32 pm
Hwem är Jack uppskäraren? (Anon, 1889) 3-05-03  10:32 pm
Identity of Jack the Ripper, The (McCormick, 1959)Robert Charles Linfo13 10-05-05  10:41 am
Identity of Jack the Ripper, The (Whittington-Egan, 1973) 3-05-03  10:33 pm
Illustrated Guide to Jack the Ripper, An (Fisher, 1996) 3-05-03  10:33 pm
In the Footsteps of the Whitechapel Murders (Plimmer, 1998) 3-05-03  10:34 pm
Jack The Ripper, Letters From Hell (Stewart P. Evans & Keith Skinne...Catherine Ann8-27-05  10:28 am
Jack l'Eventreur (Bourgoin, 1992) 3-05-03  10:34 pm
Jack l'Eventreur (Desnos, 1997) 3-05-03  10:34 pm
Jack l'Eventreur (Dorsenne, 1935) 3-05-03  10:34 pm
Jack l'Eventreur et les Fantasmes Victoriens (Marx, 1987) 3-05-03  10:35 pm
Jack the Myth (Wolf, 1993)Maria Giordano155 6-19-05  8:03 pm
Jack the Ripper (Begg, 2004)Matt19 3-16-05  11:14 am
Jack the Ripper (Farson, 1972)AmateurSleuth12-04-05  9:40 pm
Jack the Ripper (Pitkin's Guides, 2004)Stephen P. Ryder4-21-04  12:53 pm
Jack the Ripper (Whitehead, 2001)AmateurSleuth12-04-05  9:45 pm
Jack the Ripper A to Z, The (Begg et al., 1992) 3-05-03  10:37 pm
Jack the Ripper Handbook: A Reader's Companion (Strachan, 1999)... 3-05-03  10:42 pm
Jack the Ripper Revealed (Wilding, 1993) 3-05-03  10:45 pm
Jack the Ripper Suspects: 70 Persons Cited by Investigators and The...Adam Went37 12-11-04  2:13 am
Jack the Ripper Whitechapel Murders, The (O'Donnell, 1997) 3-05-03  10:47 pm
Jack the Ripper and His Victims (Shelden, 1999) 3-05-03  10:39 pm
Jack the Ripper and Victorian London (Gregory, 1995) 3-05-03  10:39 pm
Jack the Ripper and the London Press (Curtis, 2001) 3-05-03  10:43 pm
Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders (Evans and Skinner, 200... 3-05-03  10:39 pm
Jack the Ripper by Aleister Crowley (1988) 3-05-03  10:38 pm
Jack the Ripper in Fact and Fiction (Odell, 1965) 3-05-03  10:40 pm
Jack the Ripper in a Seaside Town (Easdown, 2002) 3-05-03  10:45 pm
Jack the Ripper's Black Magic Rituals (Edwards) 10-17-03  11:23 am
Jack the Ripper... Person or Persons Unknown (Wroe, 2002) 3-05-03  10:44 pm
Jack the Ripper: "Light-hearted Friend" (Wallace, 1996)... 3-05-03  10:43 pm
Jack the Ripper: 100 Years of Investigation (Sharkey, 1987) 3-05-03  10:37 pm
Jack the Ripper: 150 Suspects (CJ Morley, 2004)Thomas C. Wescott12-10-04  6:13 pm
Jack the Ripper: A Bibliography and Review of the Literature (Kelly... 3-05-03  10:39 pm
Jack the Ripper: A Collector's Guide to the Many Books Published (S...AP Wolf6-28-05  5:08 pm
Jack the Ripper: A New Theory (Stewart, 1939) 3-05-03  10:38 pm
Jack the Ripper: A Psychic Investigation (Ball, 1998) 3-05-03  10:44 pm
Jack the Ripper: A Reference Guide (Palmer, 1995) 3-05-03  10:45 pm
Jack the Ripper: An American View (Wright, 1999) 3-05-03  10:38 pm
Jack the Ripper: An Encyclopedia (Eddleston, 2001)George Hutchinson4-19-05  4:45 pm
Jack the Ripper: Anatomy of a Myth (Beadle, 1995) 3-05-03  10:38 pm
Jack the Ripper: Crime Scene Investigation (Speare, 2003)Steven G. Harsch8-14-04  8:07 pm
Jack the Ripper: Eliminating the Suspects (Morley, 2004)c j morley4-19-04  4:35 am
Jack the Ripper: First American Serial Killer (Evans and Gainey, 19... 3-05-03  10:41 pm
Jack the Ripper: Murder, Mystery and Intrigue in London's East End ...David O'Flaherty4-25-05  1:57 pm
Jack the Ripper: One Hundred Years of Mystery (Underwood, 1987)... 3-05-03  10:44 pm
Jack the Ripper: One Hundred Years of Solitude (Shimada) 3-05-03  10:44 pm
Jack the Ripper: Opposing Viewpoints (Colby-Newton, 1990) 3-05-03  10:44 pm
Jack the Ripper: Summing Up and Verdict (Wilson and Odell, 1987)... 3-05-03  10:46 pm
Jack the Ripper: The 21st Century InvestigationJennifer D. Pegg81 7-05-05  5:34 am
Jack the Ripper: The Bloody Truth (Harris, 1987) 3-05-03  10:40 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Definitive History (Begg, 2002)Dan Norder8-14-04  10:30 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Final Chapter (Feldman, 1997)Christopher T George6-03-05  2:02 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution (Knight, 1976) 3-05-03  10:41 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Inquest of the Final Victim Mary Kelly (Smithk... 3-05-03  10:42 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Murders and the Movies (Meikle, 2002) 3-05-03  10:43 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Mystery Solved (Harrison, 1993) 3-05-03  10:43 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Simple Truth (Paley, 1995)Martin Fido30 6-25-03  7:01 am
Jack the Ripper: The Uncensored Facts (Begg, 1990) 3-05-03  10:47 pm
Jack the Ripper: The Whitechapel Horrors (Robinson, 1920s) 3-05-03  10:47 pm
Jack the Ripper: Through the Mists of Time (Hodgson, 2002) 3-05-03  10:46 pm
Jack the Ripper; or, When London Walked in Terror (Woodhall, 1937)...Stephen P. Ryder3-16-04  11:20 pm
Jack the Rippers Tredje Offer (Leufstadius, 1994) 3-05-03  10:48 pm
Jimmy Kelly's Year of Ripper Murders (Morrison, 1988)John Savage36 11-11-05  8:03 pm
Killer Who Never Was, The (Turnbull, 1996)Phil Hill8-28-05  2:35 pm
Last Victim of the Bloody Tower, The (Heenan, 2003)Stephen P. Ryder10-27-04  11:49 pm
Leather Apron; Or, the Horrors of Whitechapel London (Hudson, 1888)... 3-05-03  10:48 pm
Life and Times of Jack the Ripper, The (Sugden, 1996) 3-05-03  10:49 pm
Livre Rouge de Jack l'Eventreur, Le (Bourgoin, 1998) 3-05-03  10:49 pm
Lodger, The (Evans and Gainey, 1996)  
London Correspondence: Jack the Ripper & the Irish Press (Sharp, 20...Alex Chisholm10 2-02-05  8:34 pm
Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper (Jakubowski, 1998) 3-05-03  10:49 pm
Man Hunters of Scotland Yard (Fowler 1933)Martin Fido7-28-03  7:17 am
Man Who Hunted Jack the Ripper, The (Connell and Evans, 2000)Alan Sharp7-04-04  12:56 pm
Many Faces of Jack the Ripper, The (Trow, 1998) 3-05-03  10:50 pm
Mary Jane Kelly (Chauvet, 2002)Stephen P. Ryder14 12-09-04  9:45 pm
Murder and Madness: The Secret Life of Jack the Ripper (Abrahamsen,... 3-05-03  10:50 pm
Mystery Library: Jack the Ripper (Rosinsky, 2004)Stephen P. Ryder3-03-04  10:22 am
Mystery of Jack the Ripper, The (Matters, 1929) 3-05-03  10:50 pm
New Terror in London (Jinko, 1997) 3-05-03  10:50 pm
News from Whitechapel: Jack the Ripper in The Daily Telegraph (2002... 3-05-03  10:51 pm
On The Trail of a Dead Man: The Identity of Jack the Ripper (Miles,...Dan Norder82 1-10-05  5:14 am
Picture Book: Jack the Ripper (Jinko, 2001) 3-05-03  10:51 pm
Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed (Cornwell, 2002...Laura Ashley Waite349 16 12-05-05  5:23 pm
Prince Eddy and The Homosexual Underworld; (T. Aronson)Gary Weatherhead3-12-03  3:02 pm
Prince Jack: The True Story of Jack the Ripper (Spiering, 1978)... 3-05-03  10:51 pm
Reflections on the Ripper: Four Accounts of the Whitechapel Murders... 3-05-03  10:51 pm
Ripper Diary: The Inside Story, The (Skinner, Linder and Morris, 20...Caroline Anne Morris78 4-26-04  10:46 am
Ripper File, The (Harris, 1989) 3-05-03  10:52 pm
Ripper File, The (Jones and Lloyd, 1975) 3-05-03  10:52 pm
Ripper Legacy: The Life and Death of Jack the Ripper (1987) 3-05-03  10:52 pm
Ripper and the Royals (Fairclough, 1991) 3-05-03  10:52 pm
Royal Ripper, The (Kwok, 1972) 3-05-03  10:53 pm
Secret of Prisoner 1167, Was This Jack the Ripper? (Tully, 1997)... 3-05-03  10:53 pm
Shadows of the Ripper (Rogers, 2000) 3-05-03  10:53 pm
Sickert and the Ripper Crimes (Fuller, 1990)Robert Clack11-03-03  5:03 pm
Terror in London (Jinko, 1985)alyssa7-07-05  1:23 pm
Three Letters From Hell... (1988) 3-05-03  10:53 pm
Trial of Jack the Ripper (Macpherson, 2005)David Knott12 8-18-05  4:27 pm
True Face of Jack the Ripper, The (Harris, 1994) 3-05-03  10:54 pm
Ultimate Jack the Ripper Sourcebook, The (Evans and Skinner, 2000)...Erin Sigler11-02-03  7:29 pm
Uncle Jack (Williams, 2005)Dan Norder257 11-18-05  12:29 pm
Unfortunates (Christopher, 2003)Christopher T George7-07-03  8:23 pm
Unmasking Jack the Ripper: A Historical & Astrological Attempt (Tys... 3-05-03  10:54 pm
Vacher l'éventreur et les crimes sadiques (Lacassagne, 1899)...Chris Scott3-17-05  10:31 am
When London Walked in Terror (Cullen, 1965)  
Whitechapel Atrocities: Arrest of a Newspaper Reporter (1888) 3-05-03  10:56 pm
Whitechapel Murders - Solved? (Plimmer, 2003)Andrew Spallek17 10-20-04  2:10 pm
Whitechapel Murders of 1888: A Subjective Look into the Mystery and...Jennifer Pegg17 1-05-06  4:40 pm
Whitechapel Murders, The (Mylechreest, 1974) 3-05-03  10:56 pm
Whitechapel Murders: or the Mysteries of the East End, The (1888)... 3-05-03  10:56 pm
Who Was Jack the Ripper? (Dearden) 3-05-03  10:57 pm
Who Was Jack the Ripper? (Wolff, 1995) 3-05-03  10:56 pm
Will the Real Jack the Ripper (Douglas, 1979) 3-05-03  10:57 pm
Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London (Jones, 2006)D. Radka6-10-05  1:03 pm
Jack the Ripper in the Provinces: The English Provincial Press Repo...Thomas C. Wescott12-17-05  10:16 pm
Jack the Ripper: End of a Legend (Knight, 2005)Thomas C. Wescott19 12-31-05  9:16 pm
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