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The Ripper - 1892
The Ripper
Adolf Paul, 1892

Although titled The Ripper, Adolf Paul's 1892 book is really a collection of various short stories and plays, which altogether cover a variety of non-Ripper subjects. According to Ingemar Nilsson, the only real involvement of the Ripper is in the discover of "Jack the Ripper's Diary" ("Jack the Rippers notisbok"), in which the author describes his views on vivisection.

The chapter entitled "Vanitas" concerns a homosexual liasion between a priest and a schoolboy in Weimar, Germany, while "Oedipus i norden" is a mother-son incest story from Scandinavia. Both are couched in the circumspect language of the time.

"Crimen laese majestatis" and the play "Man säger att ---" can only be described as "love stories", which our translator found awfully confusing.

We're providing the full-text here for those who may be interested in reading the original, and we'd love to hear from anyone who might be able to offer more details about the people and plots involved in the book.

You may begin viewing individual pages by clicking any filename below. Pages are listed in order.

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