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Ripperologist No. 60: July 2005

2. Preface to Dracula
Bram Stoker tells the Icelanders about a bizarre connection between Count Dracula and Jack the Ripper
3. Dracula, Jack the Ripper and A Thirst for Blood
Robert Eighteen-Bisang tells us even more about Drac and Jack
13. Drac the Ripper
Kim Newman fingers the ultimate suspect
15. Was the writing of Dracula influenced by the Jack the Ripper murders?
Christopher Lowe places yet another nail in Dracula’s coffin
17. Tumblety in London: Trailing an Infiltrator, Part II
Joe Chetcuti is back with more of the adventures of Francis Tumblety
22. The Butterfly Collector
Rob Hills tells us about PC Bowden Endacott, the man who chased after butterflies – of a sort
29. Lewis Carroll’s Hidden Confession: Richard Wallace and his Ripper Conundrum
David A Green rises to Richard Wallace’s challenge, solves the conundrum – and meets with a surprise
37. Obituaries
Paul Feldman, John Fiedler and James Doohan
30. Press Trawl
Chris Scott roams Fleet Street
34. I Beg to Report
All the news that’s fit to print – and then some
38. Letters and Comments
42. On the Crimebeat
Wilf Gregg advises you on the latest crime books you should read
48. The Last Word
Christopher-Michael DiGrazia compares two celebrities: ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle and Jack the Ripper
43. Will the Real Mary Kelly and more!

COVER ILLUSTRATION: Vampires in Spitalfields ©Adam Wood

QUOTE FOR JULY: ‘There are some smart people living in the East End of London. A photographer of Mile End-road summoned a customer a fortnight since for the value of a coloured life-size portrait. The subject refused to pay, on the ground that the picture “was not a bit like him,” and the judge sustained the objection and nonsuited the plaintiff. The wily artist is now exhibiting the picture outside his place of business as “Jack the Ripper,” and the unhappy model is going around tearing his hair and rapidly qualifying for a strait waist-coat. It is a cold morning when a Whitechapel photographer gets left.’ The Sunday Chronicle, 10 February 1889

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