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Lechmere/Cross, Charles: Was he lying? - by Newbie 2 hours ago.
Lechmere/Cross, Charles: Was he lying? - by Newbie 2 hours ago.
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Lechmere/Cross, Charles: Was he lying? - by Newbie 2 hours ago.

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Ripperologist No. 37: October 2001

1.    Editorial    Did Jack the Ripper Really Exist?   
4.    Frederick George Abberline    'Three successive seasons or twelve months behind the scenes at Monte Carlo' - extracted from the Reminiscences of Ex. Detective Chief Inspector F.G. Abberline C.I.D. Scotland Yard   
7.    From the Archives    Inspector Abberline Interviewed for the Pall Mall Gazette   
9.    Stephen Ryder    Emily and the Bibliophile: A Possible Source for Macnaghten's Private Information   
14.    Stewart Evans    The Royal Ripper!   
16.    Jay Bondeson    More About the Suspect 'Mary'   
17.       Michael Ostrog: A New Photograph   
18.    Paul Begg    Sgt. Thicke   
22.    Christopher T. George    Thornycrofts   
24.    I Beg to Report: Adrian Morris    The Cloak and Dagger Club Guest - Nick Eutechin   
26.    I Beg to Report: In Brief      
28.    Obituaries    Tom Cullen   
      Stephen Wright   
30.    Letters to the Editor      
31.    Dave Froggatt    Ripper Rarities: Tom Cullen's Autumn of Terror   
32.    Reviews    Jack the Ripper: Letters From Hell by Stewart Evans and Keith Skinner   
      The Highways and Byways of Jack the Ripper by P.D. Riley   
      Jack the Ripper DVD   
      Nipper Read: The Man Who Nicked the Krays by Leonard Read and James Morton   
      Lord Salisbury's World by Michael Bentley   
      Queen Victoria: A Woman on the Throne by Dorothy Thompson   
      Who Killed Kit Marlow? by M.J. and Taliesin Trow   
      Haunted Britain and Ireland by Richard Jones   
      Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser   
      Minotaur by J. Alexander MacGillivray   
      The Find of a Lifetime by Sylvia L. Horwitz   
      Roman Murder Mystery by Derek Parker   
      According to Queeney by Beryl Bainbridge   
36.    GLENN    The Adventures of Abberline Junior   
37.    Christopher-Michael DiGrazia    Last Word: What's this? An attempted take-over by the editor of Ripper Notes?   

The material in Ripperologist is strictly the copyright of the named authors or of Ripperologist magazine unless otherwise stated. The views expressed by Ripperologist’s contributors are not necessarily those of the proprietors.

Throughout the magazine we have given picture credits wherever possible.

We would like to acknowledge the valuable assistance given by the following people in the production of this issue of Ripperologist: Andy Aliffe, Lucinda Brown (Public Records Office), Stewart Evans, Shirley Harrison, Robert Ives, Eduardo Zinna. Thank you!