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P & D Riley, 2001 (paperback)
Peter Riley
The Highways and Byways of Jack the Ripper
P & D Riley, 2001. 40pp. ISBN 1874712492

Casebook Review:

Another self-published book by Peter Riley. This book is different from its predecessors in that it is not intended to be an examination so much of a particular suspect or theory, but rather an overview of the environs in which the murders took place. Riley fills every page with photographs of various Whitechapel locations, some from 1888, some from the 1930s, others from the 1970s and modern day. A handsome little photo-book, useful for those who have never seen the murder sites in real life.

Ordering information:

Copies are 4.99 each plus 1 postage and packing (UK) or US$12 including airmail costs. Payment must be either in sterling or cash if overseas currency. Orders should be sent to P & D Riley, 12 Bridgeway East, Cheshire, WA7 6LD, England.

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