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The Times (London)
4 February 1891

At LAMBETH, Edwin Colocitt, 24, living in Aldebert-road, was charged on remand with stabbing several females in the neighbourhoods of Clapham and Brixton. Mr. Sims prosecuted for the Treasury; and Mr. W.H. Armstrong defended. Some facts of the case have already been reported. It was alleged that several females had been jostled by the prisoner at night, and they afterwards found that they had been stabbed with some sharp instrument. Several of the injured females declared that to the best of their belief the prisoner was the man who had assaulted them in the way described. Dr. Dorin, of Clapham-road, said he had examined three of the females and found them wounded, evidently with some sharp instrument, which had gone right through the clothing. Mr. Armstrong urged that it was a case of mistaken identity. Mr. Hopkins said he should not deal with the case, but committed the prisoner to take his trial at the Sessions, admitting him to bail as before.

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