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Times (London)
4 May 1889


Mr. C. GRAHAM asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether, at the recent trial of Diemholz and Kozebrodski, Mr. Gill, who appeared for the Home Office, obtained any assent on behalf of the accused to their pleading guilty of a technical assault; and whether during the trial of Diemholz his wife was refused admittance to the Court on the plea of want of space.

Mr. MATTHEWS.-The answer to the first paragraph is in the negative. There was no plea of guilty and no consent to a plea. The constable on duty in the Court remembers a woman, who said she was a witness in the case, but did not give her name, asking to be allowed to enter the Court, and he told her, in conformity with a standing order of the Bench as to witnesses, that she could not enter until her name was called. He did not know that she was the wife of the defendant.

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