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Decatur Daily Despatch
Illinois, U.S.A.
27 November 1889

The Club Scandal Again in Court

Special to Decatur Despatch

London, Nov. 26.
Mr. Parke, editor of the North London Press, was again arraigned in Bow Street police court today on a charge of criminal libel, preferred against him by the earl of Euston. Lord Euston, accounting for his visit to the house in Cleveland street, said that while walking in Piccadilly one evening a stranger accosted him and handed him a card on which was printed "Poses Plastique, Hammond, Cleveland street." One night about a week afterwards he went to the house indicated and rang for admittance. A man opened the door and demanded a sovereign admittance, which sum he paid. Lord Euston asked to be shown to the room in which the posing was to take place. The man answered that no such performance was to be given, but that there were some boys in an adjoining room, whereupon Lord Euston threatened to knock the man down. He then left the house and did not at any time thereafter return. Parke was committed for trial.

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