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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
West Virginia, USA
6 June 1905

Remarkable Story of Norfolk Druggist Who Died before Famous Trial

C. B. Fleet, a well known druggist of Lynchburg, and secretary of the Virginia State Pharmaceutical Association declares that just previous to the last trial of Mrs. Florence Maybrick the late Fred H. Mael, who was then treasurer of the association and had a drugstore near the corner of Main and Church streets, Norfolk, almost opposite the Purcell house, was in Lynchburg for some time for the benefit of his health.

He then told Mr. Fleet that the Maybricks often stopped at the Purcell house and visited his store, that Mr. Maybrick frequently got on sprees, resulting in a complete breakdown, and used arsenic as a pick-me-up and was habituated to its use.

Mr. Mael told Mr. Fleet he had then been summoned to England as a witness and expected that his evidence would do much towards clearing Mrs. Maybrick.

Soon after this and just before he was due to sail for England, Mr. Mael became worse returned to Norfolk and died.

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