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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
West Virginia, USA
7 April 1903

We read the other day that Jack the Ripper turned up in London in the person of George Chapman, who was lately convicted of murder and sentenced to death, and that his real name is Klosowski, which leads us to think he came from the fair land of Poland. We doubt the truth of the report.

The older stories are more credible as well as romantic; how Jack was a London swell and either went mad or killed himself and then the atrocious murders ceased, how Jack was a surgeon seized with the conviction that it was his duty to destroy a certain class of women. We like to think of Jack as a passionate collector, but a reserved, pale silent man, very gentle in character, quiet almost stealthy in his movements, a refined host who carved game in a manner to excite the admiration of the most hardened diner-out. Spare us our illusions!

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