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Times (London)
26 October 1892


At THAMES, Police-constable ANDREWS, 434 H, stationed at Leman-street, Whitechapel, was summoned for assaulting Mr. Lewis Cohen and Mrs. Sarah Cohen, living at 5, Well-street, Whitechapel. Mr. Jonathan Edward Harris prosecuted, and Mr. St. John Wontner, instructed by the Commissioners of Police, defended. Mr. Cohen said he carried on the business of an outfitter. About 2 o'clock on the afternoon of the 11th inst., he was standing outside his shop talking to two gentlemen. Defendant came up and said, "Now, then, clear out of this," and before he had time to move pushed him. Witness said, "Why? Isn't there room enough for you?" Defendant said, "Get inside or I will run you in." Later on witness went to the police-station and reported the defendant. While he was at the station Mrs. Cohen entered and also lodged a complaint. David Barnett and Joseph Barnett corroborated. The latter added that when Mr. Cohen went to the station his wife remonstrated with defendant, who pushed her into the shop, at the same time saying, "I would like to plug some of you." Mr. Wontner, for the defence, said the constable absolutely denied he intentionally pushed either of the complainants. As the people refused to let him pass he pushed his way through them. The defendant had been specially instructed to keep the pavement clear at that part. Mr. Dickinson said it was not the duty of the police to lay their hands on anybody unless they were going to take such persons into custody. The defendant had exceeded his duty. For the assault on Mrs. Cohen he would be fined 20s. and 23s. costs, and in the other case 20s. and 2s. costs.

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