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Thanet Advertiser (Kent UK)
5 January 1889


According to a New York correspondent Inspector Andrews, said to be of Scotland Yard, has arrived in New York from Montreal. It is generally believed, so the correspondent says, that the inspector has received orders from England to commence his search in that city for the Whitechapel murderer. Mr. Andrews is reported to have said that there half a dozen English detectives, two clerks, and one inspector employed in America in the same chase. A few days ago Andrews took thither from England, Roland Gideon Israel Barnet, charged with helping to wreck the Central bank, Toronto, and since his arrival he has received orders which will keep him in America for some time. The supposed inaction of the Whitechapel murderer for a considerable period and the fact that a man suspected of knowing a good deal about this series of crimes left England for the other side of the Atlantic three weeks ago has produced the impression there that the murderer is in America. Possibly - but it is doubtful if Scotland Yard is of the same belief. The Irish American Nationalists suggest that the inspector is not in search of the Whitechapel murderer, but is hunting up evidence for the Parnell Commission.

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