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Qu'Appelle Vidette
7 May 1891

A Woman Murdered in a New York Hotel - Horrible Mutilation

A New York despatch says: About 10:45 o'clock last night a man and women entered the East River Hotel, a third rate house at Catherine street slip and Water street. The man's entry in the register book reads: "Knickloi and wife." The man was stranger, while the woman was a dissolute character who frequented the neighborhood. They were assigned to a room on the top floor. This morning the servant endeavored to awaken the couple, but did not succeed. The door of the room was forced, and on the bed was found the woman dead and disembowelled. The man had disappeared. The murderer was a man about 32 years old and shabbily dressed. It is believed he is Jack the Ripper. The woman was cut in pieces in the same manner as the Whitechapel victims. She was lying naked on the bed. The sheet and her underclothing, which were of poor quality and dirty, were tied tightly around the throat and head, and the abdomen was cut and slashed in a horrible manner by a dull, broken table knife which lay on the floor not far from the bed. The viscera had been cut, and from appearances a part was missing. The woman had evidently been strangled.


Among the detectives at work on the case is Detective McCloskey, who was in London at the time Jack the Ripper's crimes were committed there. The house where the murder was committed bears a bad reputation. James Jennings, the proprietor, is said to be a leader in an uptown church. His wife is a refined woman. The people in the neighborhood are intensely excited over the murder. The police are tonight straining every nerve to apprehend the murderer. The down town lodging houses are being scoured to find whether any strange visitor had taken a room subsequent to the butchery. They are very reticent about their discoveries, if they have made any. The woman has been identified as an all night rounder of many years' standing in the district of the city which is similar to the Whitechapel district of London.


with striking features of a Roman cast, and a form of remarkable symmetry for a woman of her age. There were even traces of refinement visible beneath the marks left by a life of dissipation. The place in which the woman ended her life is known by the old residents of the Fourth ward as the "House of All Drinks", from the big sign of the many kinds of vile beverages that are on draught there. The place is perhaps one of the worst of its class. In the every room in which this murder was committed another low woman was found dead one morning, and her male companion was later arrested. The bartender has been arrested for killing a man with a sabre, but escaped punishment. Inspector Williams is tonight assisting Inspector Byrnes in questioning the people continually being brought in by the largest force of central office detectives and policemen ever at work on a single case in New York. One of the women arrested, Mrs. Harrington, who keeps a lodging house on Oliver street, gave information whereby the police arrested a tall, thin, fierce looking man known in the haunts as Frenchy. Mrs. Harrington asserted that this man was an acquaintance of the dead woman, whose name she said was Carrie Brown, 60 years old. Carrie formerly lived out at domestic service, but gave herself up to riotous living. The police would impart no information concerning the man, nor would they give his right name. It is claimed Frenchy was seen with the Brown woman on Thursday night at about eleven o'clock. This he strenuously denied.


The police of the Oak Street station up to midnight had arrested four men and seven women, who are supposed to be able to throw light upon the subject. Night Clerk Devon (?), of the Hatfield House, on Ridge street, stated tonight he believed a man who answers the description of the murderer stopped at his place on Thursday. The man went to bed at 11 a.m., Thursday, and at his own request was aroused at 9:30 on Thursday night. He stated that he had an appointment to meet a woman on Thursday night. He says the man registered as Isaac Berringer. Detectives are after this man.

At 1 o'clock this morning Adolph Kaltenberg was taken to the Oak street station house by an officer. His description answers that of the murderer of Carrie Brown.

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