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Olean Democrat
New York, U.S.A.
14 February 1889


London, Eng., Feb. 11.
After a long rest the Whitechapel murderer seems to have again resumed his devilish work. Another horrible woman murder and mutilation has come to light. The following are the circumstances so far as particulars can be learned.

Three weeks ago a man and a woman, whose names are as yet unknown, came to Dundee, Scotland, and rented a small house. They said they came from London. Suspicion was directed against them from the time of their arrival, and their movements were closely watched by keen detectives.

Recently the woman disappeared under extremely suspicious circumstances. Although the detectives had watched the house with sleepless vigilance, her departure had not been noticed, and no trace of her could be seen about the residence. The detective finally concluded that she had been made way with, and the man was placed under arrest.

A short time later the officers broke in the door of the house and thoroughly searched it, when they made a ghastly discovery, a box in the cellar was broken open by the police, and in it was found the horribly mutilated body of the missing woman.

The head had been cut off, the legs amputated and the stomach ripped open. The awful work bore all the appearance of having been done by the same hand that perpetrated the horrors in London. Great excitement prevails here and in Scotland over the supposed capture of Jack the Ripper. The latest news from Dundee is anxiously being awaited here, and all dailies have issued extras.

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