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Gettysburg Complier
Pennsylvania, USA
17 September 1889

Another Whitechapel Horror

London, Sept. 10.
Whitechapel has been visited again by jack the Ripper. The twelfth and most horrible of all the murders committed by this fiend incarnate has just been discovered in this district.

A workman passing through Backchurch lane, in the extreme south end of Whitechapel, came upon the body of a woman murdered and mutilated in a most horrible fashion. The head was completely severed from the body and lay a little apart. Both arms had been amputated with the skill of a surgeon. One lay under the trunk, the other was a little apart from the body. There was blood everywhere.

The mutilation was more aggravated than in any former case, but it was of a character which stamped the outrage as one of the series which have been attributed to Jack the Ripper, because, despite the utmost efforts of the police, no better name could be given to the perpetrator. As in the other cases in which the assassin was not disturbed at his work, the cruel knife had been thrust into the body at the waist and then ripped along the median line downward till the abdomen was laid open and the poor creature completely disembowelled. The victim was, like the others, an outcast woman.

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