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Frederick News
Maryland, U.S.A.
19 October 1889

The Ripper in Hamburg
A Woman Horribly Butchered in the Same Manner as in Whitechapel

Hamburg, Oct. 19.
Excitement has been caused here by the discovery of a murder similar in its details to those perpetrated in Whitechapel, London. The body of a woman has been found in Plensburg, a suburb of this city. The throat was cut, the limbs dismembered and the abdomen cut open. The work of mutilation has been done by the hand of an expert who, if not Jack the Ripper, imitated him closely.

The victim was one of the class of unfortunates, the quarter in which the crime was committed was a disreputable one, and there are other circumstances to lead to the fear that the woman butcher of London has transferred his operations to this city. The police give no information, but an active search for the murderer is in progress.

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