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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
New York, USA
8 January 1889


A play of melancholy significance called "Jack the Ripper" was " tried on" by Marlande Clark and eighteen to twenty associate actors last evening. It relates to the Whitechapel murders and pictures the Ripper as a man who is under oath to rid the community of fallen women. The one who is killed in the second act appears to deserve her fate, because she sings a solo half an hour before the assassin gets hold of her. After devious meanderings the plot leads up to the hanging of the Ripper and everybody is contented. the play needs revision, badly. It is intolerably wordy, the street scene in Whitechapel is wholly needless and the comedy is weak. Several variety features and two or three excursions of the Salvation Army are supposed to give pleasure to the multitude, and there is a vicious scrapping match between Charles Bogert and William Nash. The piece is fairly acted and well set.

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