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1894 Ordinance Map of Whitechapel Division
Courtesy of Robert House

Click on the grid below to enlarge a section, or click on the murder sites listed to enlarge those areas.

Murder Sites

George Yard (now Gunthorpe Street) - Murder of Martha Tabram, Aug 7, 1888.

Buck's Row (now Durward Street) - Murder of Polly Nichols, Aug 31, 1888.

Hanbury Street - Murder of Annie Chapman, Sept 8, 1888.

Berner Street (now Henriques Street) - Murder of Elizabeth Stride, Sept 30, 1888.

Mitre Square - Murder of Catherine Eddowes, Sept 30, 1888.

Dorset Street - Murder of Mary Kelly, Nov 9, 1888.

Castle Alley - Murder of Alice McKenzie, July 17, 1889.

Swallow Gardens - Murder of Frances Coles, Feb 13, 1891. The Swallow Gardens underpass is highlighted in yellow.

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