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A&E Networks and The History Channel have hosted a number of documentaries on the subject of Jack the Ripper, and now offer these titles for sale directly from their website! Each purchase earns the Casebook a 10% commission, so your patronage is greatly appreciated. Titles from Tower Records are available below as well.

The Hunt for Jack the Ripper

Our search for one of history's most infamous killers winds from the dark streets of Victorian London to modern forensic labs. A good general overview of the crimes and investigation and shown originally as part of The History Channel's "History's Mysteries" series. Recommended.

Scotland Yard's Greatest Investigations

From Jack the Ripper to the present day, these are the cases that have made Scotland Yard famous. Includes a generous segment on the Ripper which stands as one of the finest short recapitulations of the murders ever created in a documentary. The remainder of the show follows similar cases throughout Scotland Yard's history and is highly recommended.

Jack the Ripper: Phantom of Death

The latest findings and an in-depth examination of all the evidence and theories make this the most compelling and comprehensive examination of the Ripper ever filmed. Jack the Ripper: Phantom of Death is generally considered one of the finest Ripper documentaries ever made. Using A&E's successful Biography standards, the documentary covers all salient aspects of the crimes without becoming too involved in any one theory. Highly recommended.