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 Jack the Ripper: A Suspect Guide 
This text is from the E-book Jack the Ripper: A Suspect Guide by Christopher J. Morley (2005). Click here to return to the table of contents. The text is unedited, and any errors or omissions rest with the author. Our thanks go out to Christopher J. Morley for his permission to publish his E-book.

Theophil Hanhart

Hanhart was born in 1864 and was the son of a German pastor. At the time of the Whitechapel murders he was a 24 year old French and German teacher at a school near Bath. He was charged with being of unsound mind after he confessed to being Jack the Ripper. He told a Constable that he was the cause of the murders, and was very uneasy in his mind about it. Hanhart was interviewed by Inspector Reid, who satisfied himself that Hanhart could not have committed the crimes. Hanhart was certified as suffering from mental derangement and not fit to be at large. He was later sent to the Shoreditch infirmary.

The Sunday Times 23 December 1888 said, 'The prisoner corresponded in description exactly with the man wanted in connection with the Whitechapel murders'.

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