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 Jack the Ripper: A Suspect Guide 
This text is from the E-book Jack the Ripper: A Suspect Guide by Christopher J. Morley (2005). Click here to return to the table of contents. The text is unedited, and any errors or omissions rest with the author. Our thanks go out to Christopher J. Morley for his permission to publish his E-book.


Mr George Strachey contacted the police in Dresden to inform them that a young American-German medical student of his named Julius I Lowenheim, had mentioned to him his suspicion about a Polish Jew, whom he used to meet at a Christian home in Finsbury Square, called Julius Wirtofsky. Wirtofsky had consulted Lowenheim on a special pathological condition which was troubling him (syphilis?) and told Lowenheim that he wished to kill the person concerned, and all the rest of her class. Lowenheim, who stated that he could identify Wirtofsky without fail, had previously contacted the police in London about the matter without success. Apart from his grudge against prostitutes, nothing else is known about Julius Wirtofsky.

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